Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Day 33- Every Day Inspirations - God's message

A child was born,   parents rejoiced!
They ran to the nearest school for booking admission
As the child started to walk
Parents were curious to get him to school
Before words became sentences
Playing blocks became writing books for the toddler
Instead of bed time stories
Repeating of age old Rhymes became the norm
As the child moved to the high school
Running around for college admissions began
As College farewell happened with grace
the hunt for the jobs began
As the salary from work started to come
the quest for a bride for marriage began
As the son got married
the hunt for his own house began
As the house became a permanent home
plans for family expansion began
The child looked back
He found the parents long gone
The child is no longer a child
But his life seems to have altogether gone
The same cycle of existence
Few trips that he could make
Little savings that could take
on his medical bills due to the style of life
Where did his life just disdain?

It is time to Stop this madness!
Take one thing at a time
Take time to do one thing fine
Rejoice life
with all its blessings
Make time for parents
for sooner they will be gone
Make friends for a lifetime
For they will stand by in all times
Do good to the breathren
The goodness will always pay back
Pack your blessings
and Say your prayers
Stay in Peace
Enjoy Life!
Before it silently disappears!



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