Sunday, April 3, 2016



It is not about not having negative thoughts
It is above making them positive
It is not about falling down
But the courage to rise again

It is not about not having fear
But with the grit to overcome 
It is not about not shedding tears
But about wiping them away and smile

Is not about being always healthy
But overcome the pain of disease
It is not about being disabled
But being positively abled

It is all about winning our own limitations
It is more about accepting imperfections
It is all about being perseverance
It is more about holding on to integrity

It is all about making good out of bad
It is making adversities into opportunities
It is about making peace in war
It is about able to smile in distress

It is a sense of rage
A strong determination
To hold on till the last breadth
Towards Survival & Inner Strength

Be Courageous!
Be Blessed!

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