Monday, April 4, 2016



When it is beyond me!
I look upon God
I leave it to his mercy
with utmost devotion to see!

I don't spend hours in Prayer
But few minutes in dedication
Visualizing His presence
His arms lifting me in trance

I don't know the verses to recite
I only know to call Him
In the simplest way I can
To rescue me until I am done!

I don't ask Him for favours
Profusely thank him for all he had given
It is all about more that I ask
When I am in his refugee to seek

This life is HIS gift to me
I dedicate all my deeds to him
Bow down in reverence 
& That Brings me eternal Peace

Devotion is not a daily chore
It is within me all the time
I know that this world is his blessing
And I am made the way I am!

 His supreme powers protect us
When we are happy or sad
Probably that is the way he teaches
us what life could always be!

To him I dedicate this life
For he is the sole owner
of this rest less soul
As to him, I surrender in peace

True Devotion is not praying for things, but thanking for what is given in this life ........Umasree Raghunath.


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