Tuesday, April 5, 2016



Is a small word with BIG meaning
Tolerating than what you usually can
Pushing yourself beyond boudaries
daring to do that one special act

Is not just eating unliked food
Or sleeping in a cramped bunker bed
or rolling over on a torn mat
hiding yourself in old winter night

is thinking beyond your normal
taking steps in the new trails
creating our own horizons
cherishing the dreams of rainbows

is having a goal that may sound odd
unreasonable demands on one self
realistic and difficult to achieve
but it just happens when you start to endure

is not just emancipating oneself
It is the courage to take that extra mile
It is the will to run for the finish line
It is the guts to challenge yourself

Is a strong courage within
engulfed by the sheer determination and will
It is making you dream for cloud nine
possible from all impossibilities

is overcoming the pain of routines
It is a virtue of true victory
It is the will to push and just push
till you reach where you want to be!

Is just a sign of strong YOU

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