Wednesday, April 6, 2016


Faith in your possibilities
Faith in the supreme power behind the viel

Faith is the super power in our heart!
That gives us the energy to make a start

Faith makes us view things in sight
And also behind us with divine light!

Faith sometimes falls up us as the only hope
when things go beyond our control and scope!

Faith is the harbinger of  keep heads high
when things trouble us with unanswered why!

Faith is the only way to keep us strong
when things do haphazardly go wrong!

Faith is not just a feeling of goodness
It helps us revive, relive and take a recess!

Faith is the essence to wholeheartedly pray!
In thoughts, in deeds and words to say!

Faith lets us sail through
To reach horizons warm and New!

And Just Faith
Make things change
As the Time
Just heals!


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