Sunday, April 10, 2016


Where is Justice?
In the land
where people keep fighting
for trivial things
to cross border terror?

Where is Justice?
In this world
where peace is lost
for all the people around?

Where is Justice?
when an infant child
is brutally raped and killed?
with no guilt at all!

Where is Justice?
When democratic leaders
corrupt and loot the people
who believed them to server?

Where is Justice?
When doctors work for money
with no ethics practised
the oaths taken forgotten!

Where is Justice?
When law makers become
nothing but law breakers
loopholes used as escape routes

Where is Justice?
when food we eat
Is nothing but pesticides
polluted and perished!

Where is Justice?
when we steal the land
of the flora and fauna
and call them extinct!

Where is Justice?
When we cut down trees
and cry for ozone rays
celebrate health hazards

Where is Justice?
when there is no equality
except in books and laws
but not in real lives

Where is Justice?
When caste and religion
is more vital than humans
as they are tortured and killed

Where is Justice?
when good is no longer good
and bad is just enough
nothing is actually good enough!

We cry for your to reinstate!
We beg for you to raise your head!
We wish you come back strong and spearhead!


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