Monday, April 11, 2016

K......For Keep ! - Yes, I am his keep!

Yes,  I am his keep! 
His unmarried Queen
He treats me with love
More than his life to rein
Trust me like I am just his own
Pampers me with riches I disown
Holds me tightly not to leave
Embraces me with love 
stronger than I can hold
Whispers to me words spellbound
Makes me feel truly at home
Lets me feed him his favorite meal
cuddles into me in love to steal
When its my time to leave
His eyes look like a lost child
He asks me to stay more for a while
wants to take another walk for a mile
Another single tight hug
soft & slow lip locked kiss
He tells me he will drive me down
I remind that I am not his own
He wants to hold my hands
as we cross the roads
He wants me to write his name
behind mine to remain in grace
Is it just another legal paper
that would define my love for him
Do I need social acceptance
to win over his love in abundance
I have everything with him in life
as his wonderful UNWED wife
I can raise his child if I want
I can love him all his life 
even after he is permanently gone
For me, I am not just another woman
I am his love,
I am his soul
I am his heartrobe
All can call me what ever they want
To him and to me
We are just another set of lovers
Who love endlessly
accepting myself as his Keep!



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