Tuesday, April 12, 2016

L....For Lust....When Lust becomes divine!

Don't get me wrong!
You got me right!
My day is to define
how lust can be divine

 If there is no love
romanticipated with lust
there would have not been
mankind to savor in trust

Mesmerized by the eyes
the beauty of temples
between those spell bounds
where salvation lies

Exploring the hidden confines
opening the gates of love lies
Imagining naked truths
for a long lasting happy ever afters

Lust wins over the battle
beyond the curtains of prudence
Togetherness that it binds
unimaginable emotional tides

Grasping for breath
holding the magical trance
Two bodies merge in to one
beauty of tender but raw love

Blossoms with smile
a making of mother's womb
cherishes the man with leads
leading into his fatherhood

It makes beyond tender love
into the depths of high felt lust
that makes into oneness!
for letting them sleep in peace!

You may like or dislike
talking this in open
Let you cherish it behind closed doors
But dont let your  heart stop

Let us stop uncontrolled lust
unaccepted sexual abuse
In the name of rape
and as the seeds of violence

Let us enjoy the needs
of being born as humans
in a more civilized society
making it normal and divine

SEX or LUST is no more a Big Taboo!
Let us shed down inhabitions
Arise and understand 
Educate & Enjoy the life as it need!





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