Thursday, April 14, 2016

N For Nemesis.....We shall over come one day!

I set to conquer 
the world at large!

I struggled to achieve
the stars at edge!
Yes,I was stopped
by the tides of the shores
To depths I was pushed
to the galore of sadness
Was pushed by men
down to earth every time!
Was crushed by women
with emotional games of dime!

How can I let something
be my strong Nemesis!
I rose with a roar
against the strong winds
I doused in passion
to overcome the disdain
I won over nothing strong
but my own arrogance
I rejoiced my triumph
over tough inescapable

In my nemesis, it all had
to give what is due
distributing the goodness
destroying the evilness
to behold the crown of glory
towards the rejoicing wisdom
Yes, it is time to overcome
and not let anything be my nemesis!

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