Friday, April 15, 2016

O For Ocean....Ocean is where I belong!


Every time I sit near the Ocean
I feel that, it is where I belong
It stirs deep in my heart!
Inspires me like an eternal art!
Kindles my inate imagination
Makes me love in fascination.
Eternal joy to my inner soul
makes me complete and whole!
Words flow as verses as I sit
on the shores of the sea
makes me rejoice myself in grit
as some spell of nature to see
I walk into the waters
determined to sail for long
making me rejoiced and refreshed
for that is where I belong!
Seeking the finest things
within, saying this is me!
My life is externally calm
just like the deeper oceans
stirs hard rigid and rough
Life is beautiful in its gulf
 The silent voices of the oceans
speaks to my rejoicing soul!
Yes - It is the Ocean
Where I feel I truly belong
I can sit there for long
Staring at the waves 
letting my silent tears
of happiness raise and surge!
Ocean is where I belong!

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