Saturday, April 16, 2016

P for Passion.....Ignite it:-)

Passion makes my blood racing
Making my things worth doing!
Passion provides the catalyst
to do things that are in my love list!

Passion shows my purpose
Of this life and its meaning
It drives me hard and strong
to make my dreams come along

Many things and actions keep coming
On my way in life to hold
Yet, being passionate about few
makes my passion become purpose

Purpose turning to my profession
comfort doing what I love to do
As I enjoy the effort, it become easy
to achieve to be the best and true

I don't regret failures or falls
for with passion I get to raise again
Had it not been for passion
I know, I will soon give up

When I love what I do in galore
I will endure the pain and sores
As I stay strong till I gain and roar!
Enjoying my life that way I bore
Never give up on Passion
for it makes our dreams & deeds
It is our emotion and desire
chasing away wrong fears

Let us live strong in life
embracing our passion 
to follow all our dreams!
to celebrate life in passion

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