Sunday, April 17, 2016

Q....for Questions! That has no answers!


Questions that has no end!
Meaning or purpose as they posed!
Why am I born?
With a purpose of its own
Why am I a female?
for I am destined that way
Why am I killed?
Is it a sin to be a female!
Why am I raped?
For me being vulnerable!
Why am I abused?
For I am genetically weak!
Why am I shunned?
for being from a lower caste!
Why am I not reserved?
for I am born in a upper caste!
Why am I not rich?
for my ancestors did not make it
Why am I poor?
As I dont know to earn
Why am I educated?
Is it because I lack knowledge
Why am I not educated?
For women dont need any knowledge
Why am I killed?
For world forgot what peace is!
Why am I provoked?
To join extemesim with no end
Why am I violent?
For the voices of jihads inspire
Why am I restless?
To see children and women dying
Why am I going bonkers?
Seeing soldiers getting killed
Why am I going sick?
watching politicians corrupt
Why am I feeling freedom lost?
For in name of democracy we lost
What did we lose?
Our culture, values and creed
Where are we going?
To a destiny unknown to unfold!
When will be awaken?
No answer from a deep slumber
When will we be enlightened?
This has no defined answer

Questions that dont end
Answers that don't apprehend!

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