Monday, April 18, 2016

R for Romance.....With my Mr.R

He showed me love
He treated me like a dove
In his silence I heard words of wisdom
I am a queen in his kingdom
He is strong as the rays of sun
To be around him, is real fun
His actions speak louder than words
Takes away the tension swords
He keeps the home in peace
takes care of family trees
I love him with all my heart
Can never imagine being apart
He strongly stands with me
showing me what is love to be
I love his silent silky smiles
makes me jump in happiness miles
He listens to all my braggings
endures all my childish naggings
Put up with my tantrums
Hugs me to get me back to calm
He can't express words of love
but shows it in all his deeds
endlessly putting up with ease
never trying just to please
My home is full of happiness
Because of the love that he shares
My heart is always at peace
Because of the life he cares
What else can I call this
Than my man's every day romance
Its with none other than my own
My darling husband Raghu to rejoice
I feel truly blessed and at brim
Thank you God, for giving him

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