Tuesday, April 19, 2016

S For Superstitions!.....

Hanging lemon and green chillies
To a Truck of dozen wheels

Poor Little black cat
stay away from my travel path

Mirror. Mirror on the wall
Do not jump and have a great fall!

Twitching of eyes
Is said to be inauspicious

Hello dear gift pack
Wait till I put the one Rupee back!

It is already sun set!
so keep the brooms away from sweep

There can be soul hanging on
Do not go to peepal tree at night!

Mensurating women are considered impure
And not let in temples and rituals

No cutting of hair
or shaving of beard after sunset

Pregnant women, its a request
do not go out or eat during eclipse

Bats entering the house brings death
So does keeping the dead man's eyes open

Lizards, please keep away
for falling on humans is a bad luck way

Friday, the 13th
How unlucky you are!

Don't wash and comb your hair
fallen hair brings fights everywhere

The ladders are there to climb
Bad luck comes if you walk under

Sacrifice of goats is for Gods
Crows are treated as our ancestors

The superstitions just goes on!
Think twice before you follow!

Let the animals and birds be spared
Let the superstitions with science survive!

Useless, aimless, superstitions
It is time for them to be gone!

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