Wednesday, April 20, 2016

T for Travel to Incredible India :-)

Beauty of the Himalayas
Fierce sands of the Rajasthan Thar deserts
Amazing Cheerapunji rainfalls
The fragrance of the Kashmir flowers

The mesmerizing Hindustani music sounds
Divine music of carnatic songs spells
India with its rich culture and creed
Lives in harmony and fruitful deeds

Gateway of India opens the gates of love
India Gate stands tall with the Soldiers who got laid
History of India, in temples inscribed
Civilizations that evolved and inspired

The long fields of serene agriculture
amazing unity in diversity of the best culture
Amazing Sudarbans, gifts of nature
Cool showers of the Kerala, God's own country

TajMahal, the symbol of love
Qutub Minar and others reflects our skill
The pride of our armed forces
Born to rule and make victories

Humanity enlightens itself in this country
The country of rich heritage and Pride
The Mighty Himalayas & the vast spirits of Ganges
The wonderful rivers that flow in our country

The wisdom of the people over the centuries
Where else would I go than being in my love land
The land that gave me life, pride and made me its own.

Love You India..>My Country! My Pride

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