Saturday, April 23, 2016

Our Visit to Positive Friends Welfare Association Tiruvallur....

Positive Welfare Association of Tiruvallur provides rehabilitation support by distributing medicines for a month on every 4th Saturday to close to 200 + children between 1 year to 18 years and 700 adults most of them women effected by HIV. They are provided medicines, counseling to deal with the emotional imbalances, educational support to children, employment support to adults who are shunned by the society. Many of them work in village brick klins, cement industries and as local labourers. They have lost jobs as farmers could no more continue farming in their lands and have taken other odd jobs. The positive side of this trauma story is that children are continuing their studies. 53 children have taken up their Board exams this year. The highest score of this rehab centre last year is 475/500 in 10th and 1134/1200 in 12th exams. The only thing that binds them together is the hope to see the next dawn. We as a society should create awareness, support system and put our ever step forward to eradicate this deadly disease from India. Rotary club of Tiruvallur is doing an amazing job here. Hope of Home is providing food every 4th saturday to all who come to collect their medicines. This time, Sandhya Subramanian and I represented our Inner wheel club of Madras south with amazing support from my husband Raghunath AnandaBabu and brother S Thilak Raj from Sevai Karangal Inspite of the heat waves, stress of work, going ahead was not easy but not a discomfort even for a minute. We distributed 108 sarees to the ladies who really are in dire need of clothing.

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