Friday, April 29, 2016

#LifeatRamco - Bloggers Day Out at Ramco Systems Chennai #DInfluencer @Chennai Bloggers Club

After a hectic day in office, you get a chance to spend a Friday evening at a Blogger's Meet with an invitation for another IT company to see their workplace and fun way to work and working into fun...what else would you do than to accept their invitation.  With my friends who are in Chennai Bloggers Club and other influenzer bloggers in Chennai,  I stepped into Ramco once I was done with my work.   A smiling reception greeted me with a visitors tag...and on back of it written 'Idly Sambar'.   Honestly seeing that I wish I could have a plate of Idly and Sambar.    However, there was much in store at Ramco for bloggers than the tag of the team I belonged to was given.   The other teams got names as Marina, Rajinikanth and so on.  After a inspiring presentation,  we were taken to the cool cool places inside Ramco in the hot Chennai Summer evening.

I would let the pictures speak for themselves and the key takeaways from this extra-ordinary bloggers meet and visit are listed below.

1.  Digital Marketing takes a new turn of life.   A new way to create a brand to strike a chord with influence r writers in the city.
2.  The first feel of the visit was I entering a Facebook Office in SFO or a Google Office in Hyderabad.    It really looked cosy and interesting.
3.  The workplace was conducive to  employee participation and motivation.
4.  The office did not look like a typical IT organization.  It was like experiment, play and learn.  Give what best you can give back!
5.  The HR area looked welcoming with swings and comfy work areas.  The meeting rooms were designed with an overdose of hospitality and transformed like you are sitting in your living room and conducting a board meeting
6.  The Marketing place was packed with the enriched services.  Ramco being a product company, the marketing team's idea and initiation for such a meet itself was not only innovative but also informative
7.  The in-house massage services provided stress relievers to employees who work for hours together on laptops.   Relax, rejuvenite and enrich productivity seems to be their mantra.
8.  The Cafe...served by Spoonbill looked elegant and refreshing.   They do charge nominal charges, a little less from their restaurant on TTK Road.   I heard that CEO being himself trained to brew coffee enjoys Coffee mornings with employees at this Cafe....It is good when top management are easily accessible to employees.
9.  The nominally charged  laundry services seem like a blessing to bachelors working in Ramco. 
10.  The fitness center and Zumba classes seems to be making them sway to the rhythms of time


We had a good discussion on the initiative with the organizers and we were glad that they were spontaneous and willing to answer all our questions with a big broad smile.

1.  Work life balance is the key of all these additional amenities to employees of Ramco.  They are given to enjoy the work with ease
2.  Work from home on sick days and during need is not a written process or protocol but goes without saying when the employee is in need to work from home.
3.  The culture of the employees is empowered with ease and a feel of belonging to the work place.
4.  Attrition rates have come down from two digits to single digits encouraging people to join Ramco.
5.  Productivity happens from the Happy Work force.  The in-house music, no firm cubicle culture,  go with the wind attitude of the employers make working at Ramco worthwhile.  

We also spoke to few employees who sounded quite positive about the work environment and the kind of growth and acceptance of the work life balance.

Good wishes to Ramco Family for a successful days ahead!  Thanks for your invitation and hospitality.   Amazing coffee and food and it was fun coming to your work place.  

Disclaimer:    I have been to this bloggers meet as a Digital influencer  and this has got nothing to compare with the organization I work for.    The opinions given here are purely based on my visit today and in no way connected to my profession or Organization.   

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