Monday, May 30, 2016

Frozen Moment for a Friend

She was with me, as we raised our girls
We spoke zillion times on their dreams
Suddenly, reality etched in my head
Heart failing on facts refuse to be dead

The summer day haunts like no other
As like a fallen rose she did disappear
A good friend, taken too soon and rude
To a more peaceful and final God’s abode

Missed did I her final view and funeral too
But her happy words linger in my heart for ever
The truth is strong and refuses to go away
The gory sculpture of truth and destiny 

Memory makes my tears roll in silence gratitude
For her friendship that gave me more meaning
Never dreamt or thought she would go mute
It takes me time and again to digest the truth

Moments freeze as if the clock stopped to tick
Days and dreams still move on, nothing to abate
I close my eyes in silence, paying my silent tribute!
Thanking God, for the moments shared!

Lost a dear friend, Vidhya Ramesh to a sudden heart attack on 29 May 2016.   In her memory.....

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