Monday, July 11, 2016

My Blessed Sleep !

The thoughts smirk to run haphazard
Unrecognized worries crawl and groove
Winces my sleep that takes to its heels
The pride of the day shatters to disdain

Trying to hold things that go unaware
Capturing millions dreams not letting sleep
Her hare on the marrow sounds like nightmare
Making me toss in the bed all night along

Hopelessness is not my state of mind
Hope, solace, peace, pain all in grind
Staring into the darkness of the soul
Looking for the sunlight in the roof hole

 Brazen tears rolling down on my cheeks
Thinking beyond like the techy geeks
Not a moment to wink and ensue sleep
Words unspoken and tasks still not done

Restlessness looking towards in leap
Tormenting my heart as it inner bleeds
As sleep refuses to usher its blessings
The demand with contrasting short supply
Closing eyes and waiting for the god’s reply

To treasure the most cherished sleep
That adjourns my life and refuses to reap
As the stars and night birds venture out
The moon dashingly hides behind the clouds
Letting the lovers explore the nocturnal beauties

I stay wide awake looking into the still night
As mind runs behind the poetic masterpiece
I look into the mass wondrous black canopy
And the trees that try to sing my lullaby

Don’t know when I slipped into the silent night
Woke up with warmth, love and tender might!

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