Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Suicide Story Calling for Hope and Help

Expression of life with smiles and cheers
The loud laughter’s for such silly jokes
Confidently standing beyond arrogance
False countenance nonchalantly reticence

As I pulled over the mask to show different me
So fake and so conflicting to nonexistent inner glee
Not with intentions to cheat everyone around
But disguising with pretense to one thyself

Murky gorge of reality without an escape
As my skull becomes evil’s warehouse
It is nothing but a curse being titled strong
For the actual struggle hidden all along

Swinging precarious between hope and surrender
Hiding tears and fears battling scary bearers
Consummating the artists within in disguise
Desponding alive in growing stronger 

Unable to eat, sleep, travel or wander
Trying to slip into the little dodging slumber
Absolute frames of absurd thoughts derider

Hugging the lifeless pillow to cry aloud
Of falling into the valley deep into the grounds
Running behind the leaving train
Waking up with a jerk and disdain

Succumbing to the loneliness of the chest
Sweating unusual than on a wilder trek
Where is my inner strength disappear
And the ardent faith ruled over by devils

Cries in cowers laid to rest in corner
The provocation to die chanting over life
Darkness and death looking alluring
Life be uphill struggle and non-fetching

Scared of another day and survival
Everything looked repulse and pointless
Hearing my fore-fathers calling me to the shore
Another life, another time, welcoming to meet

Where is the hope that made life everything?
Heartache, emptiness of the inner soul
Lost merry, life easy, trading my nothing
The curtains are ready to be brought down

The drama of life is ready to sure end
Free from the masks of public appearance
No more delving in pity of others around
Time to put an end to the corrosion of mind

Beyond the layers of wisdom thick to grind
Depression is never seen till it’s too late
Death can seem to be the only solace

Finding the Story of Suicide around,
Look again, think and stop by for a second
Give them a hug, hope and helping hand!
That moment, may bring them back to life again!

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