Friday, July 15, 2016

My spirituality begins in my bathroom :-) :-) :-) ...

Yes, you heard me right!   My spirituality unusually begins in my bathroom....It is one place in this whole world. where I can just be myself.  I can laugh for nothing,  I can cry my heart out,  I can giggle at myself in the mirror,  sitting on the closet, I dream letting myself relieved.   It is in my bathroom, that I have my life's biggest decisions sparking in my head.   It is here, that I look at the mirror and talk to myself endlessly, seeing and stopping my unwanted frowning...smiling at my silly thoughts of adventures that I cannot take and the fantasies of life that I cannot explore otherwise.  It is my world of peace..It is my place of spirituality.

After every bad day, I get to my mirror on the wall and let it out.  I talk to God there, I find him next to me.  I stop worrying what others would think or if I am pleasing or not pleasing my Gods.   We share a very unique and fervent  relationship in our eternity.  I am not a religious addict, but I have strong beliefs injected into my system ever since I was born.   Religion and Spirituality are two absolutely different things but go hand in hand.  They cannot be discarded as opposites nor taken for granted as synonyms.   Religion teaches us a way of faith, a way of worship and way of living.   Spirituality takes you closer to God, within you and outside you.  

I have done my share of mistakes in this world.  I am not perfect and I never tried to be one as well.  It is an absolute delight to be yourself, the way you want and the way you feel comfortable.  My family thinks that I am a nerd not trying to be matching to the corporate world I work for.  It is an additional value to how we present, than a necessity.  I do my job.  So being presentable in a different way makes no sense to me.  I am the same old traditional, non-fashionable girl from a uprising town far away from the modern melodrama of metropolitan city.  I live in midst of the city and I enjoy being a socialite, enjoying parties, long drives, dance (of course crazy for others to watch), attending events all over the city for all kinds and above all, I am allowed to be myself.  To me it is my own spiritual elevation.  To be myself.

Not many would acknowledge the fact that the utmost and absolute privacy begins only in the bathroom....but to  me it is the small space of my own.  I don't spend long time than required there, for I have the fear of over dose of my spiritual calling.   My thoughts get clear, my appreciation for my body is high, my level of admiration for my dreams is elevated and I find some kind of calmness.   One day, I was thinking why the hell I am having this unusual quest of finding my inner self.   I realized that I am in search for something unique and different.   I am honestly contended person with my own share of ups and downs that keep my life easy and enjoyable.  It spices my life.  However, there is sharp contrast to the search of unknown.   

Three things like loan, hatred and unhealthy body collapses a life easily.  If we keep  running behind the quest of making money aimlessly and in the process lose the very life, it is meaningless....The peace is gone when we take the loan....we end up in hatred of the situation, hating people and these two finally destroys our health with worries..  Few simple mantras in life actually change the entire thinking we have in life.   Until we realize that we don't realize the purpose of our life.   Spirituality is not practicing and learning Vedas and scriptures.  It is a simple process of following the goodness of mankind.   It is not easy as said

To me spirituality is not a different process.  It is a way of life.  It is how I identify myself with my inner urges.  My crazy and mind boggling thoughts and deeds.  I did hurt many people in my life and I beg their forgiveness.   I had worst times and I wish to forget them.  I spoke ill of few people and I apologize for the words cannot be taken back.   I repent for the hurt I gave to few.   Amidst all that I also abused my mind and body.   This realization is my spiritual enlightenment.   Emerging out of the self-defined crisis and re-making things around me is the spiritual realization.  I am at peace.  I am at peace with my self.  My small world.   

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