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My Two Cents for Kabali - Why this movie is different and classic of Rajnikanth - A Review on 'Kabali' da!

maya nadhi indru maarbil vazhiyudhe
thuya naraiyilum kaadhal malaruthe

Best shot of Kabali
Keeping aside the fact that I am a die-hard fan of Rajinikanth like millions of people in Tamil Nadu and world all over,  I have my insights into the movie that had mixed reviews from the public.  

 Few beautiful things that make this film, a classic and absolutely different including the concepts of love, betrayal, hero worship, gangs and drugs, prostitution and school drop-outs, and above all, first time Rajnikanth acting of his age.   A elderly man who takes with him, both the pride of being a revolutionary of his times and wanting to take this to the future,  holding on an in-depth pain of a man madly in love for his wife and losing her.     The movie like any other does have its own misses and lengthy scenes, however, those can be overlooked, when you look deep into this movie's beauty of love. 

This movie also gives equal opportunity to every small artist who is part of this team work.  From the school drop out Tiger to the hero worshiping Jeeva, to the rebel Kumaran , to the Free Life Foundation Fathima and Meena,  to the normally dressed Jeeva's mother and Kumaran's mother,  every artist gets an equal screen-space.  Instead of a son, it is the daughter who is shown as a strong willed gangster who turns out to be Kabali's own daughter.   Yogi does an amazing job.  The conscious effort to show the feminine character of Yogi, despite her boyish appearance and fights in the scenes where she takes her foster father Velu to the washroom,  where she slips the coffee cup at the ring of the bell, and the tears that she sheds when she sees her mother for the first time.  You should really watch this movie with no first week whistle sounds in the theater, and cherish each expression that has been beautifully expressed by the artists.   They did an amazing job.  

Beautiful Portrayal of Yogi
The antagonists did no less.    Right from Tony Lee, Vaseekaran and his gang, every one did a decent job.   Somehow, I really missed 'Raghuvaran' being alive to having donned the role of the key antogonist in this movie...he would have been the BEST fit.   Probably, the makers could have also thought about Prakash Raj to be partnering with Tony Lee...the presence of the strong villain would any day make Rajini's movies long living.   

Few scenes, that I felt like watching again and again.   The happy Kabali after meeting Tamilarasan, keeping on talking about it to Kumudhavalli and the kind of full face smiles on their faces,   the silent hallucinations of Kabali in search of his wife,  as he goes near the river side bench and sitting and the way Kumudha keeps on asking ' na enga irukeynu vunaku teriyada...evalovv neram unakaga kathirkaradhu....and the way her ear rings moves as she talks....its a moment to cherish.   

Lovely expressions from Radhika and Rajini
The beautiful scene where he stands and watches from the french window, and thinks about what his wife will be doing, thinking and will react when he meets her the next day,  the expression in his eyes shows what an absolute actor Rajinikanth can be.   The way he says to Yogi...'po da,,nee poi thungu...nee poooo' shows his age and maturity as a father.    He had played the role of father before, but this particular movie, shows the vulnerability and emotionally drained father.   The way he holds Velu when he murmurs that he has a daughter, shows the desperate search of an aged man for his long lost family.    

Under the coat of the gangster, lies a heart full of love.   The way he looks at Kumudha when she does the bed, and he keeps on disturbing it, the way he watches her with a glitter in his eyes, and during the party, when a french couple keep kissing, the way he looks at his wife and smiles,  shows a true love beyond ordinary expressions,  expressing togetherness forever.  The blushing and glee on their faces, when he approaches her as she gets draped in the saree...the sharp expressions and acts of quick moves makes Rajini ..our best.

Romance, Love, Happiness....what an expression!
Radhika Apte can just be the apt artist.  PA Ranjith as director has done a wonderful job in selecting his cast for the film.   Though many earlier reviewers felt that there is overdose of his friends from earlier movies of the director,  I felt he gave a fair chance to all in this movie.  Nasser did his role with ease.   The Young Rajini looks like a charming young man from Mullum Malarum..taking us back to 80's easily.   

The mannerism is unique to Rajini..The way he sits in the Le Meridian when he reaches Chennai...the way he laughs when Anbu tells him about 'Saraku'....makes him the super star we all love.    I get goosebumps when I hear the song ' Maya Nadhi'...what a beautiful song from lyrics of   One dialogue that stands out of Kumudha is when Rajini  says "Nee sethutenu neniachen". And she replies "Sethu dhan poirndhen, nee vandhu paakara varaikum" - shows how a woman in love for her husband will wait for years together for him to come back in life....truly touching....
Style Mannan !  Super Star Rajini !

One reason why the movie did not touch the fans in the first few days, is to the fact that the urban crowd probably do not know the pains of the rubber tapper or oil farm workers and their problematic lives in Malaysia.   This is reflection of an on going issue.   The deprived generations of people who migrated to the land in dreams of fortunes and ended up in unfortunate situations.   Malaysia Indians, especially Tamils have made the country their own.   However, they have their share of pain and anguish which is very well reflected in this movie.   The dialogues on Gandhi or Ambedkar shows that despite the country or the community, we still have the struggles across the globe.   The story of the crabs is not only true but thought provoking.   The growing dominance of Chinese and controlling our segments of retail and wholesale industry and this subsequently more in the underworld thus making our vulnerable youngsters easy prey to their activities is well reflected in this movie.  

The visuals of Malaysia and Thailand, Hongkong and Chennai are equally colorful and refreshing.   The background music is kind of not in pace with the movie...and could have been better.   The slowness in few shorts is of-course a minus.   One probable thing that could have been avoided is the overdose of violence.   Especially, I was taken back at the scene where "Jeeva's'' hand is packed and sent to Kabali in a box.   We are not seeing this first time in Tamil movie,  we have seen much dreadful scenes in 'Vettayadu Villayadu' and other movies...but over all our movies can stop showing such violence as it effects the viewers.       Critics have all rights to criticize.   You watch it with no preset assumptions and too much of expectations.  It is definitely worth watching.  If you are fan of Rajini or no, you will still enjoy the movie.

Kudos to the makers of this movie.   For God's sake, don't ever compare with Linga.   This is far better movie with depth of acting and entertainment.     I only wish Thaliavar Rajni is at best of health and happiness to give us few more movies and entertain us in what ever way he wishes it is right.  Stop the stereotypes and breaking the protocols and inhibitions,  we need to take a movie as a movie and enjoy, instead of making this a personal success or failure.    After all, what you pay is for a movie ticket...but what the actors and makers of the movie,  technicians and the crew gives is their precious time, efforts and love for the art.   No one will plan to give a failure..If you don't like it, please ignore, it is no body's loss.   If you like it..go watch it the theater...and no piracy!

Magizhchi !!!    
Love you Rajini!
Nerupu Da!
Good work Team Kabali!

Na Vanthutenu Solu
Thirumbi Vanthutenu,
25 Varshathuku Munadi Epdi Ponano Kabali,
Apdiye Thirumbi Vanthutenu Solu..
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