Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Getting over being 39 iiiiissssssssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Starting September 2016,  I would be closed being called as in late 30's....winding up the glorious 39isssshhhhh and stepping into the 40 Club.    

Not many would believe that I am turning 40 just this year. Yes.  My experiences made me look aged than what actually I am.   I don't shy away from those facts of life, that stirred me like a lemon in a drink in hand during a promenade,  squeezed me like a  sugar cane till the last drop of syrup from my pulp and those moments that built my jigsaw puzzles of life and those tears that shyly mingled with the romantic smiles that life threw at me...along with its beauty and evilness.

Honestly, I achieved nothing.  I have a whole big life ahead of me.  What I did so far will reflect in the years that going to come by.   I haven't taken care of my physical  may resound loud and nosily in the coming years.   Mental wellness was often hindered by the stress,  the welcoming willingness of multi tasking and trying to do as if I am a Maa Kali..with multiple hands and heads to manage so many things at a time.   Often forgetting the fact that one thing at a time is worth a dime.      Spiritual enlightenment had its moments of vacuum where I had nothing to think, or waves of wisdom overflowing like a turbulent Tsunami...killing me in silence and storms overtaking each other.  Hope the 40 club wisdom gives me enough strength to handle this ups and downs....don't call me bipolar.  It is just the way I am made.  Naturally unnatural!
Loved traveling so much and enjoyed meeting people from all walks of life and going to places I have not been before.  I made friends and also foes as well, if not in equal numbers.   I don't regret having trusted people blindly or having hated few equally.   The acceptance of mistakes bring you a peace within.   It is not for anyone else...but to your own self!

I am so blessed with family who stood by me all the years of tragedy, trauma,  bad health, struggles and dire poverty as well...equally they enjoyed my successes, happy moments, achievements and wonderful memories.   I was also equally blessed with people who are not such a great blessing in this life but unfortunately called 'close' relations...I am better off being away from those who disturb my peace.  I don't mind making absolute strangers who turned wonderful friends and abundant well-wishers as part of my life, my family and my future.

Today I have wonderful  mentors who are shaping me up more than I can imagine.   Keeping me level headed, understanding my strengths and weaknesses and above all, keeping up the right focus and right thoughts to stay strong, stay wild with aspirations and not sleeping over my dreams.    If God would bless me with few more years in this life, it would certainly be to continue the giving back which we started in life.    

I have not asked God to give me what I have today and will not regret what ever he takes back.   For I came into this world with nothing..and going to go back empty handed.    What probably I would like to make the best of this journey is few good memories and leave few foot prints where at-least a few would want to walk on.....

'Ethai kondu vandthom, ethai kondu selllaaaaa.....'

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