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Movie Review : Dharma Durai (2016 Film) - Absolute delight of the beauty of rural India. Must watch film :-)

When there is no hype in advertisement, you don't really expect a houseful of audience for a normal movie that too for a noon show on a 10th day of its release.  But this assumption proved wrong for 'Dharma Durai'.   Before I proceed with my analysis, I loved few comments from my husband who hardly expresses his opinions.   As we came out of the theater, he said that he is very happy that we saw a very beautiful movie after long time.   He also said that he want to see the same in big screen once again.   This reaction from audience is what makes a movie successful. 

Dharma Durai is a simple story with a gripping story line and amazing characters who portrayed the emotions with ease.  The beauty of this film is that a dusky hero carries it wholly with the story line with strong acting skills.  Another amazing beauty is that the female roles did fabulous job.  It is quite heartening to see women getting equal attention and screen space these days in Tamil movies instead of being used only as 'just there for songs and dances'...these women portray substance and go deep into their characters.

Radhika Sarathkumar is a classic example of how a veteran actor can transition herself into any character given to her.  She does it with charm, depth and absolute delight to watch her.  She reminded me of Manorama amma in few scenes.   As a mother in the movie, she does a brilliant balance to the character.   Those who have been seeing her since ages and off late on small screen would love to see the best of her acting in Dharma Durai once again.   

Vijay Sethupathi needs no mention.  He is not only the hero of the story but also the way he takes it with ease and perfection.  Simple looks, strong emotions, beautiful dialogue delivery,  very right body language conveys that we have an excellent actor here to stay in the Tamil movie industry.   Keep going Vijay....we audience love to watch you again and again.

Tamanah often criticized being non-expressive, does a delightful acting in this movie.  She shows a great maturity in her role, got a wonderful style and carries herself with poise and beauty.  The scenes where she zooms across the village roads on her bike makes us want to see the picturesque again and again.   She brings life to the screen even in the serious of situations in the movie.

Aishwarya Rajesh once again proves that she is a perfect actress in making.  As Anbuselvi, you will fall in love with her acting and character in the movie.  She does it with such an ease that you can be sure that she has a long way to go in Tamil Cinema.   Probably she will take on other roles than being down to earth village type of roles where she already proved her acting in the highest order.  There is a mesmerizing beauty in her eyes and a charm which glows along with her acting.  

Srusti Dange does a decent job as a college student falling in love, believing in her friend to come home to discuss on marriage with her father and with a smile that is so broad and contending.  Way to go girl.

Every other character, including the brothers, sister and sister in law of Dharma,  Anbu selvi's father,  Profession Dr Kamaraj  (done by Rajesh)  and friend Gopal (Ganja Karupu )  give their best acting.  Rajesh's calm demeanour reminds us of his wonderful movie 'Andha Elzu Natkal'... Madhuvanthi Arun as the police officer also fits in for the role.  The little girl who acted as Dharma's niece also makes you love in fall with her character.

The BGM by Yuvan Shankar Raja is very lovely and the songs are so soothing with the village backdrop and the greenery that makes you fall in love with your country side again and again. M.Sukumar as Cinematographer gives us the best scenes reminding us of KB Sir's movie.  Variamuthu lyrics especially in Andipati song is very good.  Wonderful movie from Director Seenu Ramaswamy and this combination with Vijay Sethupathi worked once again and the product is a beautiful movie to the audience

I haven't gone into the story plot as there is a detailed description in wikipedia already on the same.

My Rating would be :  4/5

Three Cheers to:

1.  Gripping story line and ease of characters
2.   Beautiful pictuarization
3.   Vijay Sethupathi and lovely social messages on need for medical support in rural villages,  stop dowry and abortions,

What could have been done better

1.  Editing
2.  Lip synchronization of dialogues in few places
3.  Could have not shown too much of alcoholism on the screen

Bottonline:   Please watch this movie in the big screen and enjoy the movie 

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Rajesh K said...

I was in a dilemma whether to watch this one or not, and chose Meendum Oru Kadhal Kadhai instead. Will watch this soon, Vijay Sethupathi being my favorite hero for now!