Monday, October 17, 2016

To My Limited Edition....happy birthday :-)

I am what I am,
for I discovered not me
But him,
His silence, his smiles
his few words
He is my limited edition
Precious, powerful
pious and pragmatic...
I was an angry teen
he made me overcome
I was too much to handle
he managed it with calm
I am over ambitious
he lived my dreams
We as a family, have one dream
The dream of happiness
It is in him I found love,
his simple way of handling
both our ups and downs
smilingly with care!
Yes, I am what I am
for I have him in life
He is mine
Together we are always fine
As we age and grow
graciously holding together
I need him more
to lean on and not wither
Thank you Raghuma!
Happy Birthday my dear!

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