Friday, January 13, 2017

A Visit to Prathyangira Devi Temple, Shollinganallur

Sri Maha Prathyangira Devi Temple is located in the area of Sholinganallur, Chennai, India, adjacent to the beach of Bay of Bengal. The Temple sits on the banks of the Buckingham Canal. This is a magnificent temple built for Goddess Prathyangira, in her incarnation of Shri Maha Prathyangira Devi. She is considered to be a powerful repellent of the influences generated by witchcraft, and is said to have the power to punish Adharma. This is one of the few temples of Prathyangira and the only temple for Shri Maha Prathyangira Devi, the Shanta form.   Sri Prathyangira Devi is also associated with Sri Chakra. In Sri Chakra worship, she protects the devotees against all odds and guides him/her along the righteous path.

The temple is located close to the junction and halfway down the link road of East Coast Road and Old Mahabalipuram Road.

Few glimpses of the beautiful temple and its abode of Gods & Goddesses.

Few Mantras

 “Sarabeshan Rekkaiyaal Vandhavale Potri, Seeriya Simha mugam etravale Potri, Narasimhan Ugiram Thaniththavale Potri, Engal Annai Sri Prathyangira Potri”.
“Val Vinaigal Yaavaiyume Theerpavale Potri, Engal Annai Sri Prathyangira Potri”
Bhairavar Manam Niraindhai Potri
Ashta Nagam Konda Kali Thirisuli

Mantram chanted in Sri Maha Prathyangira Homam:

Om Ksham Krishna Vasase, Simha Vadhane, Maha Vadhane,
Maha Bhairavi, Sarva Shatru Karma Vidhdwamsini,
Paramanthra Chetini, Sarva Bhootha Dhamani,
Sarva Bhoothaam Pandha Pandha, Sarva Vignyaan Sindhi Sindhi,
Sarva Vyadhir Nikrindha Nikrindha, Sarva Dhushtaan Paksha Paksha,
Jwala Jihwe, Karaala Vakhtre, Karaala Dhamshtrey,
Prathyangire Hreem Swaaha.

Slokam – 1

Aparaajithaayaicha Vidhmahe
Shatru Nishoodhinyaicha Theemahi
Thanno Prathyangirayai Prachodhayaath :

Slokam – 2

Ugram Veeram Maha Shakthim
Jwalantham Sarvathomukham
Prathyangira Bheeshanam Pathram
Mrityum Mrithyum Namaamyaham

Slokam – 3

Amma Prathyangira, Devi Prathyangira
Sathyam Prathyangira, Sarvam Prathyangira
Shozinganalluril Vaazhum Prathyangira
Valvinaigal Theerkum Annaiye Prathyangira

Sri Prathyangira Gayatri Mantra:

Om Aparajeethaya Vidhmahey
Pratyangiraya Dheemahi
Thano Ugra Prachodhayaath…
Om Pratayangiraya Vidhmahey
Sathrunisoothiniya Dheemahi
Thano Devi Prajothayaath

For those who find this difficult, just chant “Jay Prathyangira, Jaya Jaya Prathyangira” as much as you can,   May the goddess shower her blessings on all of you and bring in peace, prosperity, happiness and good health and healing to your homes.  


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