Thursday, December 29, 2016

This or that...what ever it is !!!

Chains that bound us
need not be stronger or tighter
they are just too mental
than being any where physical
we are made what we think
perceptions matter a lot
we are glad if we could smile
even in painful slot
but take it in stride in mile
Days are longer
and nights much shorter
sleep is what we crave for
hunger prangs nowhere near
mind is mixed with a blur
unknown hidden simple fear
time to wake up the strength within
letting the ghosts fade away
time to stand up again 
nothing to hold you upon
body is becoming frail and weak
yet, the mind to enrich and awake
making my head think unthinkable
capturing the unseen enemy within
the fear of failure
the fear of frustration 
the fear of being forgotten
the fear of being unfriended
Believe in yourself
to feel a bit better than yesterday
waking up with a smile
to take that one extra simple mile
Trust tomorrow is better
than today and past
This or That, what ever it is 
The Hope is what makes life better
The faith is what it takes forward
The dawn to dusk effort
The sincere thought from heart
one  soul, one mind
one heart, one body
sync for the better you
Just the way it need to be
A New You! Just You!
Arise, awake and shine
Think Positive to be fine!

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