Monday, December 5, 2016

Tribute to Thangatalavi J. Jayalalithaa..

A grieve stricken, despondent, mournful, downcast morning as we mourn, bemoan ,lament the untimely demise of most revered, respected Chief Minister of our Tamil Nadu , Madam Jayalalitha!

TN Chief Minister Selvi J Jayalalithaa 1948-2016
 Friends as the proverbial saying goes ' beauty & brains do not always go together! ' Definitely untrue in Ms Jayalalitha' s case! Ms Jayalaltha was a beautiful woman, a charming smart actress with a great fan following even as an actress AND she was also a highly cultured, educated ,efficient woman, a quick learner with good grasp of men and matters, she was a leader among leaders , a dynamic ,articulate ,charismatic personality who toiled hard , strained every nerve to make Tamil Nadu progress with growth in all spheres ,especially she worked hard for the welfare of the poor and the downtrodden like her mentor MGR !

A linguist proficient in all south Indian languages apart from English and Hindi! As CM, Her string of populist welfare initiatives like Amma Canteen, Amma Salt, Amma water , Amma laptops, Amma Cycles , ,cradle welfare scheme, All women police stations, rain water harvesting,houses ,goats, grinders,new Veeranam scheme etc that have been very successful and hailed by all bear testimony to her success, real concern for the poorest of the poor and others!

As Chief Minister and as head of her party AIADMK, she ruled with an iron hand ! A strong disciplinarian , a level headed leader! Throughout her tenure as super numero uno of her party there was never a voice of dissent in her party ! Party cadres and leaders alike worshipped her, she was their Goddess, God sent messenger to alleviate, nurture better their standard of living! She was the Messiah of the masses ! She held the party together commanding total loyalty , respect, of the cadre even when not in power! A strong willed , fire brand leader who never took failures as set backs! always fought back with resilience,fortitude and self belief and ascended the CM throne 5 times! Amazing, for Ms Jayalalitha Jayaram, a Brahmin that too a woman and a firm believer in God to become and be a Chief Minister of passionate state like Tamil Nadu with deep rooted Dravidian cultural background is no mean achievement, it is just remarkable! She did it with tenacity. her fiery brand of politics unhindered ,unperturbed throughout her chequered career marked with very highs and few lows too !

 She strode like a colossus! she was unmindful of her rare failures, snubbed, kept her adversaries under leash, never allowing them to raise their head ! Dynamic Revolutionary leader Jayalalitha hogged the limelight ,occupied centre stage ,was the cynosure of all eyes whether in power or not! Her rigid stance, no nonsense attitude, tough nature, clarity of thought, decisive actions, firm rule, welfare measures endeared the mass to her! If MGR was the God, his protege Madam Jayalalitha was the Goddess ,the Shakthi, the Rajmatha more popularly ,fondly addressed,called as " Amma "!

Mother' s love is always pristine ,pure ,most unselfish , endearing of all our attachments ,human bondages ,is not it? She was the eternal "_Amma" the doting, caring,the benevolent mother for all! Amazing woman of substance, a quick learner, a voracious reader, a self taught scholar, a statesman par excellent, in personal life , a spinster , a loner whose family is people of Tamil Nadu as she proudly, poignantly used to declare time and again! Leaders may come,leaders may go! Very few make lasting ,salutary impact ! needless to say Jayalaltha was one among them! Ms Jayalalitha was held in awe, commanded greatest respect !

A disciplinarian , a true and most successful AIADMK leader who increased the mass support, mass base of her party manifold after MGR ! She was the pupil who surpassed her teacher MGR , in due course, as she emerged spectacularly from the shadows of her Master MGR whom she hero- worshipped ! she held an iconic identity , a strong connect with the mass especially womenfolk! Her death has left a big vacuum! A void , a breach which can't be cemented that easily! She was an embodiment of women's empowerment! Friends , we all are mortals! Very few like புரட்சித் தலைவி அம்மா ,attain immortality! "The life given us by nature is short, but the memory of well spent life is eternal!- Marcus Cicero, no doubt our people's CM leaves behind glorious memories ! with eyes shut, hands folded and prayers in my lips. i join you all and multitude of our Tamilians in paying homage to her noble soul! God bless you all...In words of Artist doyen Ramesh Krishnamoorthy.

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