Friday, December 2, 2016

Arise every time I fall....

Things around me are all good
some evil, some troublesome, some odds
Is it not the routine of life
to have its tantrums of ups and downs?
Despite the sluggish pull backs
and the monsters of the thoughts
we try to hug to the pillows 
and try to get the best of sleep
Awaking the next day
facing the sunshine and its warmth
we decide nothing, but to move on
from the frightful nightmares
letting the shadows of life fall behind
Never to give up and never to surrender
Just wishing to rise against the odds
It is the vibe of life that makes us go
forward towards the happy days again
what ever may be the troubles on our way
close your eyes and whisper that all will be well
take a deep breath and calm down a while
Just like the autumn leaves that fall
they will melt along the snow
after every fall and every calm fears
there is a sunshine waiting by your window
All you need is to feel the good
think that good things come back
stay strong both inwards and outside
and smile at yourself in the mirror and say
I am back to be happy ever again
No matter what the trouble my life gives
I have all reasons to raise with sun shine
brighten up not just my life 
but of those around!
I will smile, to make people smile back
I will run, the small steps I can
I will walk, those miles of life
may it be for good health, good life
all for the people who are looking for hope
for those who are far less privileged
for those who forget that life is to live!
Arise every time I fall
There is no stopping wall
I will walk ahead 
roar in laughter and cry in despair
But I will learn to move on
for life has more to give
I know to rejoice and forgive
I will let life give its fullest
Only Hope not to forget!


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