Tuesday, February 28, 2017

A Girl's Survival Spree :-)

I felt the warmth of my mother’s womb.
I cherished myself, inside her dark soft water sack
Suddenly, I heard a gush of Tsunami,
A wave of some soft liquid burning me away
I cried.  I cried in pain.  I moved up
Close to my mother’s racing heart
Next day morning, I heard someone yell at her
Asking if I am there or forever gone!
She said she could feel me still
Alas!  I survived.  The first ever time in life!
Inside my mother’s warmest womb

I am born.   With people whispering that I am a girl
My mother sounded frightened and cried
People who own me, disowned me right away
I didn’t know what all this meant on the day one of life
When the fuming fires around subdued,
My mother came to my rescue and fed me
I felt the closeness of her chest, her outer skin
I sucked her in hunger wanting to survive
She hugged me close and kissed me on forehead
I decided, I am going to live no matter what
For me, for her and for my little life that just began!

I started to walk.   My father started to love me
For the small smiles I often kept giving him
I went behind where ever he went around in the house
I helped him get his shoes as he wanted to go out
Brought him a glass of water, with my tiny hands
As he came back home tired and smells of sweat
As once I started to run, and wanted to play with him
He pushed me aside.  I fell down.  But I didn’t cry
I didn’t want to give up.  I want his love.  Unconditional
He had no choice but to love me back
I know he started enjoying my presence in his life
Yes, I survived.  Yet again, as my dad’s dearest daughter

I went to school.  It was the first day in the class
There were girls and boys all frightened of a young woman
Probably of my mom’s age, having a big spectacles
And bigger book and a longer scale in her hand. 
She gave me a stern look.   As if why girls should study!
I wanted to ask her back.   Why did she then come in there!
But later on, I realized all teachers looked just like her
But they are sweet, neat and a great knowledge treat
As I completed my high school, debate restarted
On why I should go to college and on my own choices
I put my foot down.   Strongly holding on my forte
To study more and succeed.  Stand on my own in life

Self-reliance is the biggest strength to any woman
Why not me?   I want to prove those who subdued me as woman!
I went to college.  I choose a course of my choice
A different one from than the traditional one’s meant for girls
Boys in my class looked at me like a species of different kind
Physics and astronomy seemed my field of interest
People looked at me as if I am doing something odd
I want to even out all the odds that come on my way
Was ready to fix flat tires and equally build rockets
I dream big, bigger than a bride could dream in her life
I thought wild, making my creative sciences run riot
I trespassed easily into the boy’s domains making them feel
Small amidst my loud achievements that made all noise

To make my mom and dad, stay at peace in the long run
I decided to marry.   Nothing conventional about it
I choose my groom.   Of my choice.  Of my dreams
My in-laws expected me to be a typical shy Indian bridge
I gave them a run of the mill with my different thoughts
I was too much for them to handle in peace. 
They tired their level best to put me down. In all means
Chased me out of the house. Threw me on the roads
I got up and smiled.  I dusted off the dirt on my dress
Smiled again.  I am on my own and my man came along
Yes.  I have won again.   Against the regular turmoil odds!

I aged gracefully.  But disease and depression took over
Silently but wittingly I decided to fight this too
The woman in me, is wide awaken.  Much stronger
How will the spirit that led the mantra manage disdain?
I cherished my health and started doing what best I can
Gave up on the good food I loved.  Pushed those extra miles
To burn up the piled up unwelcoming body weight. 
I have 2 choices to make.  Fight it and win over it
Or just ignore the reservoirs of diseases and die
How will I?  I woke up on time.   Gave it a big fight
If I have to be there to do anything, I need this body
In a good condition, healthy and happy, free from disease

I smiled as I looked one day in the mirror.
Wrinkles and white hair added to my wisdom
The young dynamic dynamite of the yesteryear's
Is coolly replaced by fragile, grounding wit and wisdom
I am happy that my mind is alert.  Body is coping up.
Made long good foot prints to leave behind a happy note
My epilogue filled with great things to inspire and sustain
Even longer and happier, with more merrier once I am gone
For I am leaving behind no distressful days, but the days of wins
Winning from the times of cradle to the ultimate grave
Carrying life with fulfilling memories and care and grace
A woman is made to survive.  No matter what the situations are!
A real woman of substance will never fret, frown or cry!
But with every fall, she will raise again, slowly but steadily
She will emerge again from the fires of life, confidently every time
Yes, this is the story of a girl.  Who went on a rampant survival spree!

A girl’s survival spree! 

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