Sunday, February 26, 2017

Role of women in contemporary society

Woman - The meaning is ‘Sakthi’ – the power.   Unless we understand the true strength of a woman, we cannot fathom to what extent she can go, how far she can climb, how deep she can dive and how far she can swim.   The supreme power of a woman has to be first realized and recognized within. 
We are talking about a world where we want to identify woman to break the glass ceiling. Like what we saw in the recent US elections…but the power is that of the 18 million cracks that fell on the glass and it is for us to go beyond as Hillary Clinton mentioned.  The day is not far. What are we running behind when we have everything within us to control things around us?   Unless we realize this potential, it is useless to find acceptance by the society at large.  

The role of woman begins from the family, the network of friends and neighbors, the society we live in, the communities we participate and the communal aspects that we endear to ourselves and contribute.   Educating our families, creating harmony in neighborhood, participating in movements of all kinds, irrespective of gender specific issues, but for the common good of the citizens of this country, this all takes the strength of the women.   Today, we can not only run the governments and space ships equally, we can create world peace or break the peace both at the equal strengths.   It all depends on how we divert the extremely powerful potential that is hidden within us as women.

We should take up on our roots, to go back to our ancient wisdom of cooking that brought families and their health and wellness together to leap ahead. We should go back to our ancient science and heritage that brought vast cultural extravaganza to the world of arts and creative sciences to move forward.  We are today emerging technological experts and social animals.  In this run to the mill grinding process, we should not forget that we women ultimately have the power to create the wellness of our families and societies at large.   Today, we don’t need to change the world at large.  We need to bring up kids who are sensible, old who are taken care, rich who are humble and poor who are not vulnerable.   This will in turn make the world around us living worthy.  Or else, day in and day out, our lives will be a struggle for survival.  It is time to pause and bring in a change.  Only we women can do that in this contemporary society.   Jai Nari Shakthi!

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