Sunday, February 5, 2017

Agile Program Pattern & Agile Operations Pattern

Agile Program Pattern

Program pattern used to launch and execute programs and projects


1.  Idea
    Strategic initiative
    New requirement
2.  Discover
    Understand and strategize
3.  Deliver
    Funding Gates
    Iteratively build
    Test and Deliver

Again goes back to the 5 phases
1. Mobilize
2. Understand
3. Explore/ Strategize
4. Build/ Test/ Implement (Prototype)
5. Manage/ Evolve

Leaders to evaluate and check the funnel management
Write a 'discovery brief'

Program Pattern - used to launch and execute programs and projects

Discovery Pattern:
1. Problem
2. Desired Outcome
3. Blockers
4. Epics
5. Solution Strategy
6. Estimate
7. Plan
8. Cost/ benefit

Collaborate to Elaborate
Iterate until done
Identify the cone of uncertainity-  Discovery or Delivery

Estimate- Solution Strategy - Epics  (Iterate till done)
Demand is always more than it is very important for proper funnel management

Agile Operations Pattern

Agile lifecycle of delivery
1. Discovery
2. Discovery (Optional)
3. Deliver (R1)-  Release or Phases

leads to
Iteration 0 -  is the set up iteration
Iteration 1 - Work
Iteration 2....n

At Start of Iteration
1. Iteration Planning
2. Daily standups
3. Work
4. Showcase
5. Retrospective (At the end of iteration)


Inputs -  From customers, team, managers, execs
> Product Owner
> Product backlog -  A priortized list of what is required, features, bugs to fix
> Team -  Sprint Planning meeting
- The team commits to as much high priority backlog as can be completed by the end of the sprint
> Sprint Backlog (Task breakout)
> Scrum Master
> 1-4 week Sprint (Sprint end date and deliverable do not change
> Daily Stand up meeting (15-30 minutes)
Sprint Review
> Finished Product (product increment)
> Sprint Retrospective

The Operations pattern used to effectively run and optimize any business process

The Business Canvas includes
1. VSM Practice (as-is)
2. Customer
3. prod services
4. process
5. People
6. Inputs/ Outputs
7. Metrics

Test Hypothisis for Agile Projects and
Manage / Evolve - Roll-out to all areas and evolve in Agile Project

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