Saturday, February 4, 2017

Agile Strategy

Agile as a way of working can be used HR, Managements, Projects, Sales etc

Across any business process:

Core Processes

Applying agile as a way of working at all levels
Used in project work and Operations work

Three Patterns

1. Strategy and Governance pattern
2. Program Execution Pattern
3. Operation Execution Pattern

Each pattern follows Five phases

1. Mobilize
2. Understand
3. Explore/ Strategize
4. Build/ Test/ Implement
5. Manage/ Evolve

The patterns interchange and rework as needed on iterations.

Managing the funnel helps tune strategy

1. Learn and adapt strategies
2.  Planning cycles become small
3.  Iterations after iterations for completion of work

Strategy Pattern :  Used to craft and execute organizational strategy
1. Strategy formulation
2. Strategy Execution

1.  Where are we now?
    Business model canvas
    Existing strategy
    Business metrics
    Work in progress
    Market Factors
    Current problems
    Root cause analysis
2.  Where do we want to be?
    Vision (Distant mountains)
    Mission (Purpose)
    Objective (Hills)
    BHAG (Big heavy ambitious Goal)
    SMART goals
3.  How did we get there?
    Design workshops
    Top 3-5 blockers to achieving the goals
    Foundational beliefts
    Strategic options
    Strategic choices
    Strategic initiatives
4.  What do we need to do?
    High level time line
    Short term (next 3 months) top 3 priorities
    Budget- Strategy alignment
5.  How do we execute?
    Strategic pipeline
    Start-Stop- Continue
    Integrated WIP
    Strategy Modality

Iterate through all levels down
Collaborate to Elaborate

Business Canvas:  The business model canvas

1. Key Partners
2. Key Activities
3. Key Resources
4. Value proposition
5. Customer Relationships
6. Channels
7. Customer Segments
8. Cost Structure
9. Revenue Streams

Created by 450 people from 45 countries ...

Using Agile Practices to 'Cascade' Strategy
1. Group Level
    Vision/ Mission
    Objectives/ Goals
2. Business Unit/ Profit Centre Level
3. Support functions - HR/Finance/ Legal etc

Source:  IBM Agile Academy

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