Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Life is a song

 #Kannadasan  #English Translations

Vaazhvenbadho geedham
Valargidradho naadham
Naalondrilum aanandam
Nee kandadho thunbam
Ini vaazhvilam inbam
Suga raagame aarambam
Nadhiyile pudhu punal
Kadalile kalandadhu
Nam sondhamo
Indru inaindhadhu
Inbam pirandhadhu

Life is a song
with the growing tunes
Every day is a joy
You have only seen sorrow
From now there’ll be only happiness
Only happy tunes (ragas)
The stream merges with the river
Which merges with the ocean
Our relationship
Merged today
Bringing happiness

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