Wednesday, April 12, 2017

#AtoZChallenge: Inspiring Indian Women : L for Lavanya Venugopal

#AtoZChallenge:  Inspiring Indian Women : L for Lavanya Venugopal

What makes Lavanya a super inspiring women ?

She is an excellent dancer, wonderful social worker,  stage capturing theater artist, wonderful comperor, a passionate cook, an affectionate wife and mother, chief guest at many functions, a great friend and above all a great human being.   Sometimes, you feel that she is all over the place.  Pride of Nanganallur, Chennai..

She is an amazing ISO of Inner Wheel Club of Nanganallur and a very active Rotarian at Rotary Club of Chennai Spotlight.  As a dancer is par excellent and considers her performance in front of Late Chief Minister Selvi J.Jayalalithaa to be her one of the finest moments.  Lavanya is a person with big smile always.   A student of Holy Angels and she has been an excellent product of the school and her college days.

She is also Chennai Pink Ambassador advocating Breast Cancer awareness along with the Pinkathon crusade.  She also holds the position of Sergeant - At-Arms at Rotary Club of Chennai Spotlight.   A very enthusiastic social worker along with the clubs associated and a very sensitive human being.   For her dance comes naturally,   theater action comes with passion and have a strong voice and stage control during dialogue delivery.   She has been aptly awarded for her drama performances and she is a well known face in the Chennai Cultural circles.  


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