Thursday, April 13, 2017

Shame on the State Government for Silence on the TamilNadu Farmers plight :-( Wake up People...

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It is utmost disheartening to see our brothers and sisters of the agricultural sector agitating like people who lost their souls....imagine who on earth would do an agitation by running nirvana for others to understand.    Why should our farmers strip themselves to make the government understand that they are not only suffering but the entire State will suffer with loss of food grains and agriculture. 

We have been experiencing erratic natural issues last few years.   No rains or too much of floods, dry crops,  hottest summers,  cyclones that damaged our crops and farming land sliced up for plots.  The greed of the common man and those ruling the nation have put mud in the face of the farmers who feed us.   Are we going to eat shit instead of food going forward?   We will only end up in plastic rice, factory made vegetables, chemicals filled non-organic fruits and medicines to kill our hunger.

'Anna Dattha sukibhava'....the one who gives us food be blessed.   It is not longer the case.   We are ashamed and put our heads down the day our farmer brothers stood naked on the Delhi roads seeking attention of the media and government help.   We are ashamed to the silence of the state government not giving an ear to the woes of the farmers and their agitations across the state and in Delhi. 

When our dear Prime Minister had the time to meet actresses like Gowtami, what is stopping him from stepping out of his comfort zone and meeting our farmers.   Why this step-motherly treatment?

Those who feed us commit suicide every other day.  We are constantly troubled and pained to see the kind of suicidal deaths of farmers in the South India...and families orphaned and on streets losing their only source of income.   The never ending plight of loans and failed crops...dampened our agriculture sector.   The very backbone of the Nation is broken and forgotten. 

Today's road roko agitation of the youth in Chennai, India, is just not one of the voices we want to hear.   We want the whole nation to pay attention to agriculture.   Stop importing plastic rice. 

Where is the technology helping in the agriculture sector?   Why are we not taking ahead the rivers integration project.   Why is the supreme court order to share Kaveri water not adhered to?   Why is the technology not helping in desalination of the ocean waters in a larger extent.

Only when our wells dry up, and our kitchen fires stop, the fire in our bellies will make us think.   Till such time, it is some body else's problem and not ours.   As an urban citizen I am ashamed.   As an Indian, I am feeling pathetic that our farmers have to eat on roads, sleep on side walks for months and stay stark nude on the pavements of the Nation's Capital to seek the attention. 

We are not asking for a multi-crore urbanization project....What they are asking for is to let them continue feeding the mouths of our Nation.  

We unite and raise our voices against corruption in a small extent,  we stand for our language and heritage pride to a medium extent,  we shout and run and wither in pain and fight for our tradition and why is the farmers pain not heard?   Why is that we are so insensitive to their fight. 

It is time to think!  ACT !   Do Something to save them to save ourselves in the long run.

Jai Jawan! Jai Kisan !  -  Both are ignored and forgotten in this unfortunate Nation!
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A Pain of an Indian Citizen!

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