Friday, April 14, 2017

# NAPOWRIMO2017- Day 14 Yaarai Nambi - English Translation

Yaarai nambi

Yaarai nambi naan pirandhen
Pongada ponga en kaalam vellum
Vendra pinne vaangada vaanga

Whom did I trust in when I was born?
So go away
My time will come when I’ll be victorious (successful)
Then you all will come to me

Nenjamirukku thunivaaga
Neramirukkku therlivaga
Ninathal mudippen sariyaaga
Nee yaar naan yaar poda po
Aadiyile kaathadicha aipasiyil mazhai varum
Thedi varum kaalam vandha sondham ellam odi varum

My heart is strong and brave
My time is clear
I’ll finish what I set out to do
Who are you and who am I? Get lost (Meaning we’ll see who wins in the end, sort of a challenge)
If the wind blows in the month of Adi it will rain in Aipasi (Natural course of events like, if winter is there can spring be far behind type sentiment)
When (good luck) comes looking for me
All the relatives will come to looking for me (Fair weather people)

Thennaiya petha ila neeru
Pillaiye petha kanneeru
Pethavanan maname pithamma
Pillayin maname kallamma
Paanayile sorirundha
Poonaigalum sonndhamada
Vedhanaye pangu vacha
Sondhamille bandhamille

If you plant coconut sapling, you get coconut water
If you plant seed for children, you get tears
Parents’ heart is mad (crazy for kids)
The children’s heart is stone
When there is food in the pot even cats are your relatives
When you want to share your sorrow no relative, no nothing

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