Saturday, April 15, 2017

NAPOWRIMO2017: Day 15: Kannadasan - Buddhi Ulla Manidhnellam....English Translation


Buddhi ulla manidhnellam vetri nkanbadhillai
Vetri petra manidharellam buddhisali illai

Intelligent people don’t always become successful
All those who succeed are not necessarily intelligent

Panamirukkum manidharidam gumanamiruppadhillai
Gunamairukkum manidharidam panamiruppadhillai
Panamirukkum veetinela vandhadhellamsondham
Panamilladha veeetinile sondham ellam …

The rich are not generous
The generous are not rich
A rich man has many relatives
The poor, none

Kanavu kaanum manidhanuku
Kanbadhellam kanavu
Avan kaanuginra kanavinile
Varuvadhellam uravu
Avan kanavil aval varuval
Avanai paarthu sirppal
Aval kanavil yaar varuvar
Yaarai paarthu azhaippar?

For a day-dreamer
Everything he sees is a dream
In his dream all that comes is relationship (sexual fantasies I think)
In his dream, she will come
And smile at him
In her dream, who’ll come
And call whom?

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