Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Bruised all over

In the darkness of the night
I was waiting for my knight
There was no news of him around
Fear and pain started to surround
I felt the knifes of life ripping me apart
The strings of rusted iron tearing parts
The sore red eyes filled with tears
Unable to shed down the cheeks
The salt-mess of the tears touched
The temple of my nose and tongue
Intense pain in the pit of my stomach
Aching for the smothering hands
There is no solace, no repose
The thundering sounds around
No words whispered into my waiting ears
Yet, the silence killing me with deafening fears
I felt like being pulled to the mid of the road
And thrown down to be bounced upon
I closed my eyes in deep anguish
Life suddenly turned soar and sobering
With the bruises all over in silent suffering
Waiting for the god’s to show up on my doors
Take me in the arms of comfort and peace galore

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