Monday, May 8, 2017


Happiness comes every now and then
it is not about just how and when
When it is around, I enjoy every hour
for the real happiness has such power
immense pleasure and joy it brings
making the songs of the birds sing
it makes me shine and glow
with peace of mind happiness can show
making it nurtured to longer last
forgetting the troubles of the past
Not fearing that it would disappear and go
for happiness can always grow
Tomorrow is another dawn, a new day to be
for happiness can set our mind free
Happiness is being in warm arms
in love and affections with no qualms
Happiness is waking up with no pain
and feeling fresh walking in the rain
Feeling wanted, feeling refreshed
feeling the best in you with no regrets
a moment of raw happiness
sitting idle and gazing at the sky
holding hands together in love
whispering sweet nothings feels like dove
The crescent moon trying to hide behind the tree
when you and I discover to be in life free
cherishing the togetherness of you and I
as we laugh, we giggle and we talk
and towards the life, we silently walk
Happiness is everything that is of mind
to make life, better, sweeter and warmImage result for Happiness

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