Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The 3H Formula - Happiness, Health, Harmony

The 3H formula is the vital vitamin for a happy human being. Its not important how long you lived, but its important how happy and successfully you lived. Thanks to my husband Raghu who keeps on reminding of the 3H formula in life.
Happiness means different things to different people, I know friends who used to be happy getting degrees, few who are happy by frequent shopping, i had friend whose happiness was buying diamonds, I had another friend whose happiness was collecting books, one another was happy by taking care of her family, had another one who was happy with a go-lucky career, another was happy taking care of her sick mother, one another was happy doing social service, one was happy sleeping whenever time permits. Like wise happiness means various forms to various people. Identify what makes you happy and do it. There lies your happiness. Some find happiness in materialistic things, some find happiness in making friends, some find happiness in emotional upheaval, spiritual things, some find happiness in silence. To me happiness lies when I am able to do what I wanted to do.
Health, according to my man, is the most important thing in life..No matter how long we live, its important that we lead a healthy life. Little extra care on our food habits, sleeping pattern, handing emotions, and social cultures that would make us healthy. Age related issues are part and parcel of life,but it will happen when it should. Improper diets, surviving on fast food, junk things, getting over excited about events around us, and addiction to smoking, drinking and other things spoil our health and lead us to sooner aging. Healthy body brings in a smart brain and provides you not to exhaust your energies to keep up your health. Healthy families are also happy families in tune of the fact.
Harmony is one other vital ingredient of the 3H formula, which means that nothing can bring in peace except ourselves. Fighting for wealth, materialistic things, not able to forgive others mistakes, carrying the burden of hatred in our hearts will only effect us in reality. It is not easy to forgive who sin against us. But god has blessed the human beings to forget things and we need to give time, time to heal everything that effects us adversely. Time is the only healing factor amidst rough relationships, broken friendships, uttered hurting words, caused damages knowingly or unknowingly. Be away from something that is bad or wrong, if you are not able to change it. Be it a place, person or a practice, keep yourself away if it is causing an impact on your harmony in life. Love your family in abundance, care for your friends and share your things in the society, live in peace, socialise with all neighbours, keep active in local events, participate in organizational activities, be there when someone needs you... You never know when you would need someone to help you.
Friends, give this 3H formula a thought, practice it, preach it and prosper with it. Wish you all lots and lots of happiness, good health, and harmonious families and professions that make you successful and happy for ever in life...

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