Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Are Horoscopes Really Working?

Friends, do not mistake me when I bring in this topic of horoscopes for a deep discussion. I am not hear to debate on the science called Astrology nor to hurt the sentiments of the people who believe in predictions. Am only trying to analyze, to what extent we can rely on our stars, birth dates and times, and predictions? I do understand that astrology is a science based on the earth's orbitrary movements and also acknowledge the fact that our ancient superstitions and beliefs also had a scientific reason to promote such a belief. At times, when things go right and in accordance with the predictions, it so happens that we start to believe more and more on our horoscopes that defined the outcomes. When we do not see such things happen, we blame on our weaknesses and pitfalls that came as a hindrance to make what is predicted in the horoscope. Instead, I would suggest we start believing in what we can be, what change we want to see in us and work towards it. If it is destined to happen, it will happen. Nothing can be stopped. Faith is the only thing that can change our destiny, and to me the horoscopes were the yardsticks that measured our faith. That gave us confidence that such things can happen in future, good or bad. Good, will be achieved as we strive for it, and Bad can be prevented as we exercise certain amount of care and caution. But despite this, accidents happen, eventualities occur, terror strikes, natural calamities happen, and all this effect us one way or the other, though its tracked, predicted and informed in our horoscopes or not. I am not asking you to forget astrology, and challenge the science that had its own value and identity. I am only suggesting that we do not blindly go by the horoscopes and fret for something drastic that's going to happen in future and forget looking at opportunities that could actually make us prevent from such unfortunate things in life. I have seen best of people not agreeing for marriages irrespective of everything matching between the girl and the boy, just because the horoscopes did not match. I have seen marriage break in cases where they had 100% matching of the horoscopes. Don't you agree with such instances? . It cannot be one of the rarest cases, it is possible. Believe in your hard work, do not loose focus, concentrate on the work in hand, try to help at least one person in a day, give something back to the needy, spend a minute in prayer, keep yourself active...and am sure your horoscope would only speak good and predict nice things for future. It is all in your hands to walk towards glory!!!

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