Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What is Friendship? Is it an association or an untagged relationship????

Since my childhood, if I had possessed something in abundance, its definitely called friendships. To me friends influenced all through my life at various stages and continue to do so till my end. I am very proud of the kind of friends I have in life and to me they are my best treasure. My friends range from 10 year old to 80+ year old, from various walks of life, from various parts of the globe, from various faiths and languages. Yet, what keeps them in tact with me in life, is a generic bonding that I share with each one of them. To me every friend is precious, every friend is unique and every friend is a strength and a weakness in one way or the other. We were 76 students in my 10th class when I was leaving the school, ST.Theresa's Girls High school in Eluru, AP, of which at least 7 of them are still the same to me even after nearing 2 decades. We have now extended this friendship from classroom, till our families and corporate lives, sharing time, fun and anxieties and growth in life together. Lucky I am to have both my bench mates (Archana Lunani, Lecturer, Corporate Interior designer and a business woman and Sridevi whose now a Principal of an Ekhopadhyapatasala) are still in touch with me and this is a life time bondage. College, computer class, neighbours, tuition mates, typewriting class friends, my colleagues who became close friends, my social organizations friends, my online friends, my friends on global writers and poets forums, my family friends, parents of kid's classmates, and the list goes on and on. Some people inspire you, amaze you, bond you so much that you would cherish their association for life time. Every step in my career was taken because one or the other friend of mine extended their hands to swim further. It was like a relay race for me.
I always wondered, what is friendship?? Is it just knowing someone for a long time??? Or is it having something in common with the other person?? Don't really know. There are many people whom I know for ages but can never be called as my friends. There are many of my friends with whom I have nothing in common. Then what is this? May be some part of our lives, we live together for a while, share something together, care for each other, find fun, and share sadness, know each other to lean on at times of trials, have someone to rejoice your success and share your happiness, share workplace or some where where you met them in life. Not all my friends can share everything of me in life. Each one made their mark by being there in that point showing compassion, care, love and solace. Few friends travel with me in this journey by just being with me in the parallel track. I always looked upon my immediate family as my best circle of friends and we have been living together sharing an undefined depth of friendship. To me personally, I am a person who is in love with this word called -Friendship and closest of my friends would vouch that I stand by my friends when they need me no matter what. I love to be called a friend on whom they can rely on, they can look upon, when they feel that they need someone to lean on. I have lot of amazing stories of solid friendships that I can write upon as sequels to this label called "Friendship- A Global Phenomenon" . I am sure my friends would enjoy this and other readers could relate to lot many people in their personal lives.

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