Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Art of Love- Why is sex still a Taboo in India?

Watching CNN IBN debate on the Art of Love, provoked to put my thoughts in writing. Thanks to my kid's school which in fact gave an orientation to the parents to make the children talk to parents about the basics of good or bad. In fact the Correspondent was informing us to educate the children on a good touch and a bad touch. As a modern and open minded parent I understood that day what it means to give appropriate sex education as mothers and fathers to our children to provide more of understanding and security in this otherwise chaotic world. I found it rather easy to discuss with my child and her friends on the otherwise tabooed subject based on the inputs the school provided. I felt that day, that it wasn't the case when I was a child. Neither my family nor my school attempted to educate me on the basics of the human life. We do not talk about sex in public lives and we do not discuss the most pertinent issues of marital life to resolve the most confronting domestic issues in Modern India. We are not living in a country which is closed anymore but not ready to accept that we can discuss things of importance in public as well.
India gave to the world an art of love called Kama Sutra. Kama Sutra in general indicates to the larger sector of the world to provide inputs on various erotic experimentation's and also the way the sexual life can be framed or redesigned to bring in the spice of life. What many fail to understand the intricacy of this beautiful piece of art that emerged in the 4th century is that there is a basic understanding in a very spiritual and complimentary way of a relationship between a man and a woman.
It is not about the combination of two physical bodies that inter wine and form a relationship. It is an understanding between two souls who could divinely accomplish the art of love. For all who can object an discussion on this topic, would actually be the people who would be encouraging this concept in their private lives. The sacred institution of marriage is the oldest university in the world that provides a bonding between a man and a woman and gives its social acceptance for them to live together. Slowly and steadily this popular institution is also fading away its charm with divorces and broken marriages. Why? For What? Do you think the West is the cause? Definitely no. In fact I have seen marriages surviving for a life time across Europe, America and other parts of the globe. Then what? Growing starvation for time to manage one's emotions. Today people in the urban communities do not have time or thought to understand the basic human emotions which includes love, care, sex, sharing and being together. In this so called materialism, the people fail to understand that physical and emotional bondage is what keeps the important relationship called husband and wife in tact for life. The Indian traditions have time and again given many opportunities to people to understand the importance of being closer in all means. But today, people do not realise this concepts of fondness that once inter wined so deeply in our society. Sex is no more a unknown factor in India, thanks to the advertising and media that gives more than required knowledge to the people of all ages. Unfortunate thing is the knowledge that is given is either inadequate or misleading. Misconceptions and wrong assumptions lead to wrong ways of life. It is time for the people to realise the importance of educating our younger generations on what it means, and what it also means if we fail to understand the truth behind the otherwise unspoken myths. Its no more a myth. What impressed me were the sculptures I saw in the Detroit Institute of Arts- an embodiment and depiction of human life. I was taken by awe to see the painting of Adam and Eve done in 1545 A.D. There are hundreds of sculptures depicting human life on the walls of Indian temples that go unnoticed. The marvellous architecture was one way of education to the earlier generations about this so called taboo now. Its all in the walls of fame in temples across India, talking about the way the culture emerged, the way the traditions were encouraged and the way the lives were lived. Do not make sex a word of wrong thought, instead promote the safest side and make the younger generations to understand the purity in the art of love. Love is not just fun, its the essence of mankind. Love is not physical bonding, its emotional upheaval to live as social beings. Sex is a part of it. Do not parcel it calling it absurd to discuss instead bring back the sanctity it once had. The land of devadis and the land of Kama Sutra is also the land of tolerance and purity. Make the country proud of the ancient knowledge that we gave to this world. One day we would be a AIDS free nation having our upcoming generations enjoying life in the most safest and happiest ways possible.

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