Sunday, September 21, 2008

My Mother- My living roadmap!

I need to tell you a story of a little girl who had nothing but hatred towards her mother. She never loved her, been with her closely, never remember her kiss or a hug. The little girl never had an opportunity to be close to her working mother who was miles away from her hometown where she lived. All that mattered to her was her grandmother who she regards as god mother, her Dad who had been her all time favorite friend and her siblings with whom she enjoyed fighting. Parents had all good reasons why they worked in two different places and concentrated on the childrens future. But our little girl never understood that as a child for to her what was important is her mom attending parent teachers meetings, her school functions and her friends birthday parties like all other mothers do. As she started to grow, she started to welcome her mom once in a month for a few days for thats the time she got lot of new clothes, new gifts, books and pocket money. This was the way the little girl was in her childhood, enjoying her boyish upbringing by her dad, her friends and fun with neighbourhood boys that she enjoyed the most. She was up for a fight for a cycle, pulling of her neighbour's cricket bats and wanting to be part of the church carol singers and play drums on the silent night. It was all the same till one winter morning when her dad succumbed to an unthinkable silent stroke. All was over within minutes for this little girl to whom the life was nothing but onething that evolved around her dad. Few weeks after, a dawn of realization came upon the little girl that she now have to stay with her mom, in a new place, new school, new language, new friends and new books. Alas! that was the end of expectations and the little girl literally wanted to run away from all this unexpected turning in her life. The young widow, whose the mother of three teenage girls, all in their years of public examination stood bravely to face the reality. She had the courage to pull back the strings of life quickly and more vibrantly with one objective- to see her girls have the same kind of life they had so far. The woman had no big finances to back up on, no strong support from the relatives, no standby from close friends, all she had was a decent job that pays her a regular monthly salary. Irony is that the children were so far studying in the best of the schools in a small town, but had the best of everything possible in a average upper middle class family in India. The woman herself being a asthamatic and chronically ill under high medication did brave to bring all the three children to her place of work and put them in the best of schools. The kids realised the eventuality and reality that surrounded them. She was a very arrogant mother, who was adamant about the conservative way of life the children had to lead. They were not allowed to step out of the house in her absence. They were not allowed to watch television than for the stipulated time set by her. They were not allowed to watch movies, play games, go out with friends, demand costly dresses and shoes, or anything else that usual urban children crave for. But the mother gave the children plenty of opportunity to read good books, hear good music, and study what they opted for. It was very troublesome for the otherwise boyish little girl about whom we were talking. The mother silently did her job, making food on time for the kids, running errands both at home and outside, managing work and family stringent finances, saving little money to expand the house to maintain three children and also save for their future marriages and careers. In a gap of five years, the mother managed to marry off her all three daughters welcoming the new hope and new sons to the family. In the timespan of 10 years, there emerged three beautiful women who were strong to face any kind of adversities in life, who professionally make their presence felt in the organizations they work for, have managed to maintain a big network of friends and also managed to keep up their hobbies and personal interests in tact. Today after many years, the mother still lives on her hardwork, perseverance and faith in herself. The journey was not easy, but was possible. Today the mother, who is now a proud grandmother to her three grandchildren still do not stop from her endevour of teaching her grandchildren the basics of life, that nothing is free in this world. She makes the children learn the rythms of life, that hardwork is the only way to success. Today, the old woman do not sleep away from her quest and her initiatives are all towards the future planning for her grandchildren. The little girl who is now a responsible woman in the society, is no more the one having hatred with her mother, but the very girl who is determined to take care of her in her oldage. This girl is the very woman who today understand the fact that no mother stays away from the children by choice but because they have no other chance. Had it not been for the determination and struggle of this mother, I dont think the three girls would have had the opportunity to today proclaim themselves as strong professionals, caring wives and good mothers and also being responsible citizens in the society. The little girl is none other than me!!! To me today, my mom is everything, my roadmap to success, my living legend and my most empowered woman!!!

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