Sunday, September 21, 2008

Inner Wheel Club of Madras South

Thanks to Vummidiars Muralidaran uncle and Suganthi Aunty, I had the opportunity to visit one of the meetings of the Rotary Clubs. I always had an urge to be part of the social organizations and i was interested in the community service right from my childhood. Had been a volunteer at the Godavari pushkarams as part of Scouts and Guides camp for 14 days in Rajamundry Andhrapradesh belt and served from 6 am to 6 pm continiously with my tribe. It was the first recognition i had as a social worker at the age of 14 in 1991, August 17th, when my picture got published in Deccan Chronicle, my first association with Press and print media. Ironically, this date marked its importance in my life when I got married on the same date after 6 years in 1997. Its also gave me an opportunity to be associated with Murali uncle and his activities in life as a honourary member Gymkhana Club, T.Nagar club and Rotary club of Madras south.

Date of my induction : 12 July 2004, Venue: Hotel Savera. Induction of President Sanjukhta Dutta, leading Auditor of Indian Express and Economic Times

Significance: Chief guest and fellow inductor to the club was a popular Woman Politician in the Dravidian Tamil Nadu Politics, Mrs Vijaya Thayaban.

Objective of me joining the club: Continue my childhood dream to be doing something to the society.

Major activities of the club: Providing welfare measure and recurring costs to maintains few educational institutions, healthcare and old age home. Birds Old Age home in Kanchipuram, Good will foundation for blind and Egmore Eye hospital are the main streams centres for us.

Other than funding students and promoting health benefits, conducting blood camps, breast feeding awareness camps, etc. Best was the fund raising event, organised by the club bringing in 40 Golden years of SPB in Kamarajar Arangam.

Core Members who make difference: Every member in this club is unique and important. Every member is of prima facia the core edifice on which this club survives. Importantly we have few people who made a vital difference in the society. Mrs May George, the first Woman Director of PWD, in 1970's is a strength. Shanthi Kannan, Suganthi , Suman, Pushvil, Neela Govindarajan, Sita Laxminarayanan, Oligimaye veerapan, Rajalakshmi Narayanan, Sanjuktha Dutta, Sumana, Kusum and lot many others who have made this club proud of. The younger crowd which includes Kala, Manjula, Anjana, myself, and others definitly make a larger difference. There are many of us who are strong professionals and doing good in our own careers, but when we meet for the club meetings its just one gang of girls. Its no different if you are 80+ or just 20+ , you would enjoy the club so much. There is bonding, there is a togetherness, care, sharing, purpose, fun and social objective in every meeting. We meet officially once in a month with an agenda,, love being together that few hours and exchange good will, friendship and put forward our thoughts and actions for communical service.

Our Prayer:

Instill in us O'Lord the true meaning of friendship

Never let us forget that we are all thy children

Notwithstanding the difference in our culture and creed

Endow us with a desire to serve our fellowmen

Remembering that we too often need help

Whenever or wherever the need for service arises

Help us to be ready to serve

Endevouring to make our badge of Inner Wheel worthwhile

Ensuring that we have notLived in vain.

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